Meet the Celebrity Chef Taking Creativity from the Kitchen to New Heights

( The Brooklyn-based celebrity chef and entrepreneur really cooking now.

Excerpt: contributor, Silvia Davi, recently caught up with Gabriele Corcos, a Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Musician, James Beard Award Recipient and all around Renaissance guy. His journey since arriving to the U.S. has been fascinating and filled with exciting projects, mainly showing off his skills as a Chef, family guy, and TV personality with his successful wife, actress Debi Mazar. 

Now looking to turn over a new leaf, this avid Ducati rider and Brooklyn-based creator is focused on building upon his “Tuscan Gun” brand by expanding his vision beyond the kitchen to provide U.S. followers more of that renown Italian lifestyle. After speaking with him, I’m convinced he is definitely on to something, and who wouldn’t want more access to Italian innovation, quality, and more of that Dolce Vita?