Creators of the Film Equity on a Crusade to Highlight Gender Diversity on Wall Street

( From Hollywood to Wall Street, these women are empowering working women.

Excerpt: As it is International Women’s Month, this March the team at is excited to explore themes of gender diversity and the importance of empowering women in the workplace. It’s a theme that’s recently been raised in many industries over the past few years, but in the male-dominated field of finance, it’s a particularly pertinent concern.

That’s what made the release of the film Equity last July such an exciting moment for women in finance. In fact, the film is also a watershed moment for Hollywood, having been directed by a woman, produced by women, written by a woman, and even largely funded by female investors. Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi recently sat down with two of these women: actress and producer Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Executive Producer Candy Straight to discuss the film’s impressive path from inception to release, and the way it’s inspired women from a variety of fields to achieve their dreams.

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