Renaissance Minds

Lifestyle Brand Developed by V&S Strategic Consulting Founder Silvia Davi

The inspiration for the brand is a blend of Silvia Rosselli Davi’s unique professional background, business attributes, & personal interests, capturing everything from her entrepreneurial spirit, to her experience as a corporate executive leader, entrepreneur and influencer, combined with her unique identity.

A born and raised New Yorker, the motivation for the Renaissance Minds name came from Silvia often being referred to as a Renaissance Woman due to her many attributes, multifaceted skill set, expertise across disciplines and her ability to do business in multiple languages globally. Her professional appeal as an expert in capital markets, fintech, innovation, media, entertainment and lifestyle coupled with her love for culture, the arts and manifesting a positive mindset is what sparked the development of Renaissance Minds

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Renaissance Minds Lifestyle Blog

A natural story-teller and people-person, it has become Silvia’s passion to spotlight like-minded, multidimensional professionals with untold stories, interests, and inspirational journeys.

A Tribute to Renaissance Culture

Featuring interesting people with a passion for innovation, culture, art, history, travel, wellness & more. Individuals capturing a Renaissance multifaceted lifestyle. Be inspired and learn from multifaceted leaders, founders, and experts.

In partnership with the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

Read spotlights featuring visionaries with fascinating careers and lifestyles shaping global minds and industries.

This section highlights stories from Italians, Italian Americans or Italophiles from all walks of life with a focus on the arts, history and culture.

Other Business Consulting & Advisory Services Available in Target Markets

Renaissance Travel Consulting Advisory & Partnerships

With a Focus on Key Cities Throughout Italy and Mexico

Fluent In Italian & Spanish